Waste Management

Waste sorting and recycling is in place on almost all LINKBYNET sites so as to recycle as much as possible of our office waste, such as plastic cups (use discontinued at Nantes), cans, bottles, paper, etc.

Amount of waste recycled at LBN Valley:

RSE Linkbynet : Gestion des déchaets

Recycling of Electrical Waste and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

LINKBYNET ensures dismantling and recycling of WEEE by an authorized ICPE adapted company.

LINKBYNET and Room Saveur

Since November 2014, LINKBYNET has chosen to subscribe to the Recycling Kit option proposed by Room Saveur, one of our meal tray suppliers.

The principle is simple: for an additional Euro, meal trays are delivered with a recycling kit. Once the meal is over, users are invited to drop off their plates into Room Saveur's recycling kit, placed in the meeting room for the occasion. The kit can contain around 60 pieces of cutlery. Beyond this quantity, the collection of the kit can be scheduled via the recycling space of Room Saveur's website.

Once set up, the collection of dishes will be carried out by the Association Samu Social, a partner of this operation. The dishes thus recovered will be reused in the shelters of the association by the beneficiaries of the Samu Social.