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THINKCODE presentation

The THINKCODE association has as objective to develop the actions to promote the integration of persons with disabilities via the digital world. Disability, digital world and education: these are the three foundation pillars of THINKCODE and which focusses every digital democratization and popularization operations to people with disabilities. Made up exclusively of volunteers called “ThinkCoders” being mainly professionals of the digital industry, this group of twenty people share the common conviction that the difference and the diversity of the profiles, do not separate the individuals, but on the contrary, push them towards innovation.


In 2015 and 2016, THINKCODE has organized the HandiCamp, the first event of this type in the country, open to everyone, by implementing workshops to democratize the computer code and allowing young people having a disability, to learn this practice. During two days, more than 50 young persons from the International Nelson Mandela High School and Medico-Educational Institute (MEI), have been able to participate in these training sessions on programming. Several coaches, volunteers of the association, have been gathered on the ten positions made available to supervise those young people and to introduce them to the basics of HTML and CSS codes.

Project planning

Handicamp 2017 will take place at the Nelson Mandela high school.
Free entrance
Only on registration
Everyone having or not a disability

From the 22nd to 23rd September 2017
Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st: from 9h to 20h
Friday 22nd : from 9h to 12h and from 14h to 17h
Saturday 23rd : from 9h to 17h

Event theme : Equality & Solidarity
Event format : Workshops

LINKTOGETHER sponsorship

LINKTOGETHER Foundation financial supports the project up to 5 000 €.