Our environmental approach

Reducing our environmental impact is a subject close to our heart. We are already supporting, in collaboration with our customers, the environmental fee program of Action Carbone. The construction in 2012 of LBN Valley, our Minergie certified headquarters, guarantees us very high energy and environmentally friendly performance. 

In the past two years, we have continued our efforts by developing new environmental projects. 

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Data Center Condorcet

Choosing our Data Centers

Because our greatest environmental impact is due to the consumption of our data centers, we select them based on their environmental management, their energy performance and their willingness to act. 

For example, we currently work with the Condorcet data center Equinix, which was awarded the Greenbang Award 2010 "Most Innovative Data center" for its eco-efficient architecture

LBN Valley - Toboggan
LBN Valley - Travailler Autrement

Our head office, Minergie certified 

LBN Valley, our head office since 2012 in Saint-Denis, is the first Minergie certified french office.

Minergie ® is a Swiss certification ensuring very high energy performance (40kWhep/m²/year, the thermal regulation of 2012 (RT 2012) imposes a primary energy consumption less than 50 kWh/m²/year on average) and respect for the environment and comfort for the users. Switzerland has been, for so many years, on the cutting edge of research regarding sustainable buildings and this label has 15 years of experience. Minergie® requires the consideration of only one particular: the total amount of energy consumed. 

After several years of use, our Minergie building complies with the desired result of the label in terms of consumption. 

In terms of energy usage, according to the energy audit carried out in 2015, our building consumes 155 kWh / m² / year, or 7.77 TeqCO2 / m² / year in both primary and secondary cost.

Discover the LBN Valley facilities to control energy consumption

RSE Linkbynet - Gestion des déchets

Waste management

LINKBYNET performs an environmental approach by filtring and recycling the waste, whether it be consumable office supplies (Cups, cans, bottles, paper, ect) or DEEE.

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RSE Linkbynet - Abeilles

Pollination of the city

In collaboration with the Parti Poétique of Saint-Denis, LINKBYNET is committed tothe project of pollinating the city. Five budding beekeepers followed two consecutive years of an intensive beekeeping course. In the program:

  • Becoming familiar with the hives and the world of bees;
  • Hive painting workshops;
  • Creating frames;
  • Honey tasting.

Since summer 2015, we have hosted two hives in the gardens at LBN Valley.