Our employees

The lifeblood of our company is the human. We are very committed to the well-being of our employees and helping each of them reach their potential. We have implemented a lot of initiatives this year to reach our goals. The employees have the opportunity, to work from home independently one day a week. LBN talent, our new skills management tool, is a major development that allows employees to manage their careers with our company.

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Our HR policy

The Human Resources policy of LINKBYNET revolves around three tenets:

  • A stimulating work environment.
  • The development of employees’ potential such as working in another city or country.
  • The use of collective intelligence.

The well-being of employees and the working atmosphere, the "LBN Spirit" are Patrick and Stéphane Aisenberg and the management teams’ priorities.

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LINKBYNET labeled HappyAtWork

Every year, LINKBYNET asks its employees to know their level of satisfaction. An action plan is then implemented to meet their expectations.

In 2017, LINKBYNET collaborated with the external organization, HappyAtWork. The questions covered 6 themes: Professional Development, Stimulating Environment, Motivation & Management, Salary & Recognition, Pride and Finally Pleasure.

The enthusiasm was significant with 73% participation at Group level. We got a score of 3.94 / 5, and a recommendation rate of 64%! These good results enabled LINKBYNET to get the HappyAtWork label as of its first participation.

Find the results in detail on the HappyAtWork website.

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LBN Talent puts the spotlight on skills

The LBN Talent project aims to identify and develop the skills of our employees and to correlate them with the needs of our customers and our internal projects. So we equipped ourselves with a management tool that monitors employees during their career at LINKBYNET. Their training, skills, annual reports and objectives are centralized in this tool.

LBN Valley - Babyfoot

LBN Valley designed for well-being

LBN Valley, while built according to very strict environmental standards,was also designed with the well-being of employees: playful work rooms, a slide, sound insulation...

Discover the "Well-being" facilities in LBN Valley

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LINKBYNET implemented a charter allowing its employees to work from home one day per week. This provides well-being for employees and allows an ecological savings. In 2015, for example, 5551 commutes didn’t take place.

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Accompany young people to a job

LINKBYNET accompanies young people to acquire the necessary skills for their job.

LINKBYNET Indian Ocean has set up their own university to implement the training for their employees to reach the level required by LINKBYNET. In France, the number of work-study contracts has increased to prepare young people for a job after 1 to 2 years.

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The donation of days for a good cause

In 2014, we met the association named D’un papillon à une étoile (From a butterfly to a star), which is at the origin of the law Mathys. This law authorizes the donation of paid leaves and days offered to employees who have a dependent child with a serious illness and requiring a sustained presence.