The creation of LINKTOGETHER foundation by LINKBYNET, confirms our social commitment and enables us to support larger projects.

The LINKTOGETHER foundation, created under the aegis of the Fondation de France in 2016, has as aims to:

  • Promote digital educational projects and promote equal opportunities,
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of human activities by financing ecological projects.


Projets de la fondation

The supported projects

Since LINKTOGETHER foundation was launched in 2016, we have already supported various projects across the world.

We have supported projects in countries where LINKBYNET is found, where we could fully participate in the projects and involve our collaborators.

Please find our projects below:


2016 : Financing of tuition fees for 2 students of promotion 2014-2016 in Passerelles numériques Vietnam.

2018 : Build a IT lab to allows young underprivileged people access to education and IT training.

Since 2017 : High eductation program in an orphanage in Central Vientam (Hue) to help orphans and poor children to pursue their education, through junior high and high school

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2018 : Scholarship  project  aiming  to  ensure  that  young  people  in  Vietnam  are  able  to  access  higher  education,  especially  ethnic  minorities,  disabled  youth  and  applicants  in  remote  areas.


2017 : Develop the 21st century skills (critical thinking, collaboration, creativity) of children aged from 7 to 19

2018 : Set up a notification system to warn the inhabitants of a specific region about the risk of flooding.

Since 2018 : Coral protection


Since 2017 : Democratize the code and its learning to handicapped people by financing the Handicamp

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Since 2017 :  Funding for the management of two hives in LINKBYNET gradens

2017 :Training of young people in difficulty to use the numerical tool to integrate durably in the active life

2018 : Tool and train a teaching team with educational kits. 

2018 : Create a digital space on the Lyon campus to carry out a digital education program in sensitive neighborhoods.


Implication des clients

The involvement of customers

LINKBYNET proposes to its customers to make eco-participation every month to support environmental projects of the foundation. Eco-participation paid by our customers is then matched 100% by LINKBYNET.

Many clients participate in this activity. Thank you !

This eco-participation programme has started well before the creation of the foundation and has enabled us to already support several projects.

Engagement des collaborateurs

The involvement of collaborators

Within the social approach, LINKBYNET wishes to involve and sensitize the collaborators on a sharing and solidarity approach. In this context, the LINKTOGETHER foundation offers the possibility to LINKBYNET collaborators to invest:

  • Meet the supported associations: We invite the supported associations by the LINKTOGETHER foundation to come and present the subsidized project and its missions to the nearest LINKBYNET head office. This will enable collaborators to better understand the challenges and to be open to other possible collaborations.
  • Sponsoring projects: LINKBYNET collaborators may propose projects to the LINKTOGETHER foundation. For example, we have made our first call for projects only for our collaborators.
  • Salary roundoff: Since July 2017, the collaborators may round off their salary to benefit the LINKTOGETHER foundation.

The executive committee

  • Patrick AISENBERG: Co-founder and Managing Director of LINKBYNET and Co-founder and president of the LINKTOGETHER foundation
  • Marianne DESCAMPS: Human Resource Director of LINKBYNET
  • Guillaume LEFEBVRE : Keensight Captial Director
  • Matthieu PETITPREZ : Unix System Administrator
  • Shelly PURSOORAMEN  : Communication and Marketing Manager
  • Frédéric THERET: Marketing and Development Director of the Fondation de France

Anne FRINGANT: General Delegate of the Foundation & CSR Project Leader at LINKBYNET