Patrick AISENBERG, co-founder of LINKBYNET is the sponsor of the CSR approach at LINKBYNET. This project is piloted by Anne FRINGANT, CSR project manager and conducted regularly as collaboratively as possible by a team of volunteers across all LINKBYNET sites. The values ​​of the CSR are thus brought internationally and adapted to the particularities of each site and country.

RSE Linkbynet : Gouvernance

CSR Reports

Here are our CSR reports, made available in PDF format.
These reports have been carried out to be transparent and are not subject to any legal obligation.
CSR Report 2012 (4,89 Mb)

CSR Report 2015 in French (9,01 Mb)
CSR Report 2015 in English (1,35 Mb)

Rapport RSE 2017 in French (3Mb)
CSR Report 2017 in English (3Mb)

A responsible investor 

In 2016, LINKBYNET raised a total of 50 million Euros from fundraising initiatives with investors Keensight Capital. Keensight Capital therefore supports the management of LINKBYNET in its external growth strategy, as well as in its international development. Keensight Capital pays special attention to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues and is signatory of PRI: Principles for Responsible Investment, promoted by the United Nations. Keensight Capital and LINKBYNET challenged themselves to perform an ESG audit. This very interesting and constructive audit for LINKBYNET allowed to highlight our experience in the subject.

RSE Linkynet - CCI France Maurice

CCIFM environmental charter

LINKBYNET Indian Ocean signed the Environmental Charter of the CCIFM in 2009 and committed to carrying out projects to respect the environment. This Charter is based on four axes, including energy conversation, waste management, water management and air quality.

RSE Linkynet - Charte Entreprise-Territoire

Corporate-Territory Charter

Since 2013, LINKBYNET signed this charter to perpetuate and develop the following axes on the territory of Plaine Commune:

  • Employment-insertion
  • Links with the local economic fabric
  • Life of the employees in the territory
  • Links school – company - University - research
  • Professional integration of people with disabilities
  • Local anchoring and sustainable development

Our acknowledgement for our commitment to the CSR process

RSE Linkynet - CCI France Maurice

Finalist in the Trophées Caractères 2017

LINKBYNET was the finalist of the Trophées Caractères in 2017. We presented the skills sponsorship for Action Against Hunger. 8 employees represented Action Against Hunger and raised the awareness of students in 12 schools to malnutrition around the world.

Association Entreprise et Convivialité.

Price of the Conviviality and wellness area at work

In 2015, LINKBYNET won the prize for the conviviality and wellness area at work organized by the association Entreprise et Convivialité.

Trophée du Cloud by Eurocloud

Trophy of the Cloud by EuroCloud

In 2014, LINKBYNET won the Trophy of Cloud by EuroCloud 2014 for the strongest CSR

Trophées Caractères

Coup de cœur » Libération

In 2014 LINKBYNET received the Coup de cœur Liberation during the Trophées Caractères for our salary round-up project. This prize rewards solidarity initiatives in the workplace. Here is the presentation video of this project.

CGPME Ile de France

Certificate of CSR Commitment

In 2013, LINKBYNET received the commitment and the Coup de cœur Certificates of the CGPME Ile de France jury.

RSE Linkynet - CCI France Maurice

The CCIFM Trophy

In 2013, LINKBYNET Indian Ocean won the trophy of environmental issues awarded by the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFM).

Trophée ARSEG

ARSEG Trophy

In 2012 LINKBYNET and SAGUEZ (LBN Valley’s interior design consulting agency) received the ARSEG trophy in the category « Construction and quality of life at work ».