The satisfaction of our customers is our token of quality. We accompany our customers in their digital transformation with talent and in recent years have developed our expertise in the Cloud Broker business.

The financial commitment of our customers to eco-participation continues to grow over the years, and now allows us to support projects on a larger scale with the Good Planet Foundation and Planetair. We have the desire to go further.

Discover below the actions put in place, and also those to come.

RSE Linkbynet : Economie

Responsible Purchasing Policy

LINKBYNET is committed to respecting these principles:

  • Best quality / price: We appreciate the total cost of the purchase. We select our suppliers impartially and according to objective criteria defined in advance. We ensure a systematic, competitive bidding process and fair treatment of suppliers when tendering.
  • The supplier relationship : We wish to establish a mutually beneficial relationship based on trust. Our goal is to have a lasting, quality relationship.
  • Committed suppliers: We favor engaged, local and specialist companies.

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RSE Linkbynet - Eco-participation


To fight against climate change in consideration of our greenhouse gas emissions and those of our customers, LINKBYNET set up an eco-participation program for its facilities and those of its customers.

Depending on the equipment that we host and manage for our clients and the services we deliver, we offer to pay a financial contribution based on data provided by Action Carbone. LINKBYNET also applies this participation in its own facilities.

Eco-participation paid by our Customers is then matched 100% by LINKBYNET and donated to the environment program, the LINKTOGETHER foundation.

On a completely volunteer basis, only about 60% of our clients join the program, so more than 100 references. From 2010 to 2015, more than € 180000 was donated to Action Carbone for French clients and Planetair for Canadian clients.

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Qualité de service : 4/5

Quality of service

In 2013, LINKBYNET joined the prestigious circle of companies certified ISO/IEC 20000-1 : 2011. This certification demonstrates a high quality level of customer service.