LINKTOGETHER foundation supports DucSonChild


Duc Son Child presentation

Duc Son Child is a humanitarian association created in 2011 to help orphans and very poor students of Vietnam.

Their primary mission is to help children in orphanages via for example scholarships, purchase of school supplies or the development of their living environment.

At Hue, they work with the Duc Son pagoda, the Phu Thuong center and the Uu Dam orphanage.

 Nha Bao Phu Thuong orphanage

The orphanage has been present for more than 10 years. Its criterion is to welcome and support very poor orphans from central Vietnam in an orphanage.

The orphanage has 40 children, college and high school students. They are fully supported and counselled. They leave the orphanage once they graduate and enter university. Till now, all orphans have passed the highly selective university examinations.

Project planning


LINKTOGETHER foundation support 11 000€ , so 31% of the total cost