LBN Valley

Designed for Well-Being

LBN Valley, while built according to very strict environmental standards,was also designed with the well-being of employees in mind: playful work rooms, a slide, sound insulation...

LBN Valley - Toboggan
LBN Valley - Travailler Autrement
LBN Valley - Aquarium
LBN Valley - Travailler Autrement
  • The Open plan with large areas: LBN Valley’s layout has several open spaces, thereby facilitating inter-team exchange, bringing a more friendly, real working environment to all employees. Everyone, without exception, is open plan and has the option to choose their working space.
  • Assured tranquility: We have significant sound comfort: we use software that allows us to do without physical phones, which limits noise. In addition, a specific ceiling tile limits the dispersion of sound. A quiet room is set up to guarantee an area without noise for employees who occasionally need it.
  • Friendliness at the office, it's possible: A park was built in the parking lot in order to enjoy the outdoors and barbecues are available as well as a cafeteria with a kitchen for refreshments. A terrace is available on the 3rd floor so you can enjoy the sun in summer. A giant saltwater aquarium is located on the second floor. It promotes relaxation and has even inspired employees to follow suit as other smaller aquariums have popped up in the different open spaces.
  • Work-differently: Alternative meeting rooms are found on all floors. There are different atmospheres, such the "Paradise" room or "Into the Wild". These 8 rooms were designed and decorated by employees during the construction of the building.
  • Leisure activities, just like home: a foosball table, a pool table, a game console and an outdoor sports ground are available to employees as well as a gym with equipment provided (treadmill, rowing machine, bike…). A giant library is also available to employees who wish to borrow a book or DVD.
    Pastry courses are held in the kitchen of LBN Valley for the food lovers.
  • And when it comes to fun: Faster and more environmentally friendly than the elevator, a slide leads down from the 2nd floor to the ground floor.
  • Projects in the Think Tank: The site offers a multitude of new creative project opportunities. For example, a cooperative vegetable garden is growing in the park of LBN Valley.

LBN Valley is self-sufficient and self-managed

LBN Valley
LBN Valley - Toboggan
LBN Valley - Travailler Autrement
  • Use of natural lighting: We substantially limit our need for artificial lighting using an automatic venetian blinds system, lights which adapt themselves to outside brightness and motion detectors in all meeting rooms as well as in restrooms and hallways.
  • Ventilation: Air from outside is treated, then reinjected inside the building through a purification, sanitation and air treatment system (because that air still contains calories and it would be a shame to throw it away!) This might seem confusing to you but we no longer need to aerate since we live in a purified air cocoon.
  • Geothermal Energy: This phenomenon uses energy from the earth and converts it into heat. Two wells, each 70m deep, have been dug. These allow us to draw large quantities of water, with a constant average temperature of 12ºC, which is then treated and used to heat or cool down the building as per our needs.
  • Thermal isolation: The construction of our building has been achieved using the most efficient materials in terms of insulation. LBN Valley has insulation that is significantly better than the average (triple glazing, a large thick lining to give it high inertia, etc.). These different solutions reduce loss of heat in winter and keep us cool in summer.
  • Colored facade: s dark colors are known to retain heat while lighter colors repel it, walls oriented towards the south are in a light colour and those oriented towards the north are darker.