First honey harvesting at LBN Valley

L Bee N is the name that we have given to the LBN honey. Our bees have made it during one year within LBN Valley gardens. This setting is favorable for the bees because there is a lot of flowers and much less pesticides than in rural environment. During a […]

Agroforestry project results in Ecuador

Since 2013, LINKBYNET, and then the newly created LINKTOGETHER foundation under the aegis of Fondation de France support, as the main fund provider, the agroforestry project of the  GoodPlanet foundation. The objective of this project is to reforest the degraded zones using a sustainable agroforestry model and at the same […]

La Tricyclerie helps Linkbynet Nantes sort biowaste

The employees of our agency based in Nantes are extremely sensitive to the environment. What’s more normal when you live in a European metropolis with an avant-garde environmental policy and which was even voted European Green Capital in 2013! The agency of Nantes has opted since longtime for the selective […]