Linky Light group delights collaborators

The strength of LINKBYNET is being human, that’s why we are committed from the beginning for the empowerment of collaborators with a strong HR policy :a stimulating work environment, the development of collaborators’ potential and the use of collective intelligence. In order to meet the expectations of collaborators in a targeted […]

LINKBYNET, finalist of the “Trophées Caractères”

LINKBYNET is the finalist of the “4e Trophées Caractères” (4th Character Trophies) which gives reward for solidarity actions at work. For this, we present our awareness raising activities for Action against Hunger. Our partnership LINKBYNET and Action against Hunger are partners since the launch of the micro-donation from salary at […]

An english coach at LINKBYNET

Created in 2000, LINKBYNET has been growing steadily for more than 15 years thanks to an international presence through the opening of branches in Mauritius in 2004, Montreal in 2010 and more recently in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam in 2014. Since the opening of this last office, not-French […]

LINKBYNET impacted and invested in the GDPR compliance

Humans rights are defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations in 1948. Companies have a responsibility to respect and support these human rights within their premises or in their influential area internationally. So, LINKBYNET is committed in the respect of human rights with the […]