First honey harvesting at LBN Valley

L Bee N is the name that we have given to the LBN honey. Our bees have made it during one year within LBN Valley gardens. This setting is favorable for the bees because there is a lot of flowers and much less pesticides than in rural environment.During a classic […]

LINKBYNET was in the starting blocks against hunger

Action contre la Faim is an international NGO created in 1979 to eradicate hunger in the word. LINKBYNET has supported them with its collaborators by salary round-off which allowed us to donate 9000€ since 2014. For the past 10 years, Action Contre la Faim organizes challenges again hunger in several […]

Microdon shares the 2016 results

On the 17th May, Microdon has invited us to rounding off meetings. This was the opportunity to share between optimistics, inspire and share a desire for more sense and solidary.Pierre Rabhi invited us to participatePierre Rabhi, the initiator of the colibri movement and recognized expert in the fight against desertification […]

Agroforestry project results in Ecuador

Since 2013, LINKBYNET, and then the newly created LINKTOGETHER foundation under the aegis of Fondation de France support, as the main fund provider, the agroforestry project of the  GoodPlanet foundation. The objective of this project is to reforest the degraded zones using a sustainable agroforestry model and at the same […]