LINKTOGETHER, the environment and education foundation

Since the beginning, LINKBYNET and its employees have been carrying out numerous social and environmental actions. Faced with an ever-increasing need to get involved on the ground and on significant issues, LINKBYNET has created its corporate foundation in 2016 under the aegis of Fondation de France. LINKTOGETHER, the LINKBYNET Foundation, supports two strong axes: […]

Manage a Corporate Territorial Responsibility through the PAQTE

The concept of Corporate Territorial Responsibility is changing in accordance with the needs of companies to do good things for the place where they are located. The target is to consider the positive or negative effect of the companies on their surrounding areas and thus to legitimize their purpose. The link between the company and the general interest then becomes much more logical and interesting for both parties, this could lead to creating shared value. ISO 26000 presents in a core subject “Community involvement and Local development”, the fact that it is possible for a […]

LINKTOGETHER Foundation renews its support for Handicamp project

Since 2014, every September, Nantes Digital Week brings the professionals and the general public together around the digital.  In this event and for the second year, the LINKTOGETHER foundation supports Handicamp project organized by Thinkcode association : an event dedicated to the inclusion of people with disabilities via digital. Handicamp project was a candidate for the LINKTOGETHER Foundation’s calls for projects in 2017 and 2018, after has […]

Prize for the best participation rate on payroll micro-donation – 2017

The Social and Community company microDON, founded in 2009 develops, with the micro-donation, the donation in all our daily actions in a simple and non-binding way. Through paid or checkout , 21 million micro-donations have been made since the beginning of the adventure!  Thus, with microDON, for 5 years Linkbynet has allowed , its employees in French sites, to round their salary up to give micro-donation to the associations. From the launch, more than 20% of employees have stepped forward to give their micro-donation to Make a Wish, SOS Children’s Villages Mauritius and Action Against Hunger Associations. LINKBYNET offers another 100% on the employee donations and thus doubles the impact.  With many solidarity actions of this type in the company, LINKBYNET created its LINKTOGETHER foundation, under the aegis of […]

LINKTOGETHER, The results of the call for project

In 2018, the LINKTOGETHER Foundation, under the aegis of the Fondation de France, again has launched a call for projects with LINKBYNET employees in order to choose the projects for 2018.  20 projects have been submitted, all of them showed a lot of qualities and needs. In order to select the projects that best correspond to the LINKTOGETHER Foundation, 20 employees took on the role of project instructors. They took part […]