LINKTOGETHER, the environment and education foundation

Since the beginning, LINKBYNET and its employees have been carrying out numerous social and environmental actions. Faced with an ever-increasing need to get involved on the ground and on significant issues, LINKBYNET has created its corporate foundation in 2016 under the aegis of Fondation de France. LINKTOGETHER, the LINKBYNET Foundation, supports two strong axes: environment and education.  

Funding for Linktogether Foundation  

In 2018, the foundation's budget amounts to €78,000. These funds come from 3 types of donors 

Our customers who, on a voluntary basis, can choose to be eco-participants. Their energy impact linked to the consumption of their platforms is very high. LINKBYNET offers all its clients the opportunity to donate a few cents per managed server directly to the foundation to support the  environmental projects. Currently, 200 clients provide this regular donation.  

Thanks to MicroDon, our employees have the opportunity to round-off their salaries every month. Of the 43% of employees who round off, 22% donate their donations to the LINKTOGETHER Foundation.   

LINKBYNET gives another 100% of all the donations from customers and employees and carries out the eco-tax for its own equipment.  

The selection of projects  

We select a project to support in a 3-step process:  

First of all, we make an internal call for projectswhich allows all employees to propose topics related to the foundation's missions : environment and education. In 2018, 19 applications were submitted by employees 

Then, the projects are evaluated by specially trained staff. Project instructors present their research on the project to the LINKTOGETHER committee during a selection committeeThe jury choses the projects that will be subsidizedbased on the foundation's evaluation criteria.  

The LINKTOGETHER Foundation is composed of a General Delegate: Anne FRINGANT, CSR Project Manager at LINKBYNET, and six members of the Executive Committee: Patrick AISENBERG, Co-founder and General Manager of LINKBYNET; Marianne DESCAMPS, Director of Human Resources of LINKBYNET; Guillaume LEFEBVRE, Director of Keensight Capital; Matthieu PETITPREZ: Unix System Administrator at LINKBYNET, Shelly PURSOORAMEN : Communication and Marketing Manager at LINKBYNET and Frédéric THERET : Director of Marketing and Development at the Fondation de France.  

Projects supported in 2018  

This year, the foundation is supporting 9 projects in Vietnam, Mauritius and France.   

In Vietnam, LINKTOGETHER supports 3 education projects : the higher education project in an orphanage with Duc Son Child, the scholarship project allowing minorities to access higher education with CSDS and the construction of a computer laboratory for the Passerelles Numériques project that will enable disadvantaged young people to access digital education and training.  

Two environmental projects are supported in Mauritius. The implementation of a monitoring and alert system for the local population in case of flood risk, supported by the Youth In Action association and the coral conservation project led by the Goodplanet Foundation.  

In France, we support 1 environmental project and 3 educational projectsThe environmental project for the repollenization of the city of Saint-Denis allows us to self-manage two hives thanks to the association Sauvegarde des Abeilles in Ile de France (SAIF). For the second year, we are supporting Handicamp, a show aims to democratizing computer code for people with disabilities with Thinkcode. We are also continuing to support the career guidance of young people with JobIRL.  We support the creation of a digital space for young people from sensitive neighbourhoods with Sport Dans la Ville.   

In two years, the LINKTOGETHER Foundation has grownWe are relentlessly continuing our efforts to support our flagship projects and include our employees in the adventure 

To learn more about the foundationvisit our page.

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