Manage a Corporate Territorial Responsibility through the PAQTE

The concept of Corporate Territorial Responsibility is changing in accordance with the needs of companies to do good things for the place where they are located. The target is to consider the positive or negative effect of the companies on their surrounding areas and thus to legitimize their purpose. The link between the company and the general interest then becomes much more logical and interesting for both parties, this could lead to creating shared value. ISO 26000 presents in core subject Community involvement and Local development, the fact that it is possible for a company to integrate with its communities when it considers itself part of the community, the company then naturally invests itself for its own development. Various solutions allow this territorial involvement: education & training, responsible purchasing, co-construction...  


In France, the Pacte Avec les Quartiers pour Toutes les Entreprises (PAQTE) or Neighbourhood Pact for All Companies commits the government, associations, and companies to act effectively for the priority districts of the City where the unemployment rate is two and a half times higher than in the rest of the City. Four main lines of action have been defined: Awareness-raising, training, recruitment and local purchasing.  

Awareness can be raised by companies in three ways: 

  • By offering high-value internships for 3rd-year students. The government's objective is to offer 30,000 high-value internships to college students in the Prioritized Networks Education  (REP and REP+) for the 2018-2019 school year. 
  • By proposing actions to discover the company and raise awareness about entrepreneurship 
  • By providing sponsorship to associations that address these issues. 

The achievement of JobIRL and LINKBYNET 

JobIRL, the association that connects 14-25 years old to professionals to help them build their career project, supports companies in investing in this area of awareness. As part of the PAQTE, JobIRL's mission was to find 5000 3rd year internships. To date, the association has already found more than 3,700 in its partner companies and among its community of professionals.  

JobIRL, hosted by LINKBYNET, has offered the IT services company to participate in the program. LINKBYNET had hosted many 3rd year internships in the past. However, this was the first time that we welcomed young people from the surrounding area for group internships. The HR team coordinated this project by calling on employees, first to identify potential tutors but also for interested employees to introduce young people to their jobs.  

Thus, 9 high school students from the Federico Garcia Lorca College in Saint Denis had the opportunity to do their 3rd year internship in LINKBYNET. This week of discovery in the company allowed the students to discover different jobs such as that of their tutor but also those presented in group sessions by the volunteer employees. It was a week full of discoveries for these high school students. Life in LINKBYNET has reassured many students about the world of work, as Pavee says: "I really enjoyed my experience here in LINKBYNET it was great, and the company made me want to come in the morning every day. "Others who already had an idea of a profession could confirm their professional project. The tutors, for their part, were delighted to do their parts in this week.  

LINKBYNET is also involved in these different territories through its LINKTOGETHER foundation, supporting many educational and ecological projects. JobIRL is also supported by this foundation for its project "Connect to your future", which enables middle and high school students in the priority districts of Seine-Saint-Denis to become involved in their career guidance project. 

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