LINKTOGETHER, The results of the call for project

In 2018, the LINKTOGETHER Foundation, under the aegis of the Fondation de France, again has launched a call for projects with LINKBYNET employees in order to choose the projects for 2018. 

20 projects have been submitted, all of them showed a lot of qualities and needs. In order to select the projects that best correspond to the LINKTOGETHER Foundation, 20 employees took on the role of project instructors. They took part in a short training about project instruction. This training trains them to study the projects, meet the associations, measure the impact of a support from the foundation. Finally, they presented the project to the selection committee that took place on May 24th. 

After a difficult selection, the selection committee finally have selected 7 laureates for 2018 with 6 education projects which very professional world oriented and skills development. With also an environmental project in Mauritius : 

  • Center for Sustainable Development Studies (Hanoï - Vietnam) : Scholarship  project  aiming  to  ensure  that  young  people  in  Vietnam  are  able  to  access  higher  education,  especially  ethnic  minorities,  disabled  youth  and  applicants  in  remote  areas. 
  • Duc Son Child (Hue - Vietnam): Support a Higher Education Program in an orphanage;  Help  orphans  and  poor  children  to  pursue  their  education,  through  junior  high  and  high  school.
  • Job In Real Life  (Saint-Denis - France) : Develop and train a teaching team with educational skills set. Teachers will be able to guide young people to understand themselves better and to project themselves into the professional life. 
  • Passerelles Numériques Vietnam  (Da Nang - Vietnam): Build a IT lab to allow young underprivileged people access to education and training, with a specialization in IT, employment by training center & personal skills training.
  • Sport dans la ville (Lyon - France) : Create a digital space on the Lyon campus to carry out a digital education program in sensitive neighborhoods. 
  • Thinkcode  (Nantes - France) : Realization of a fair for the insertion of handicapped people via digital: introduction to coding, job offers / internship and guidance assistance.
  • Youth In Action (Ile Maurice) : Set up a notification system to warn the inhabitants of a specific region about the risk of flooding. 

The follow-up of these projects will also be carried out with the support of the collaborators. Beautiful results are expected !

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