Charity event at Linkbynet Vietnam

December 28th 2017, was not a usual “Night out” and it was no ordinary night either for Vietnamese collaborators !

What’s best than giving to those in need?

At Linkbynet Vietnam, we have organized a charity collect. Thanks to the generosity of LIV Linkies, we have bought towels, dumplings, water bottle, soap and distributed them to 200 people living on the streets. Some children, disabled or old people that we’ve met were also given blankets to keep them warm.

The LINKBYNET Vietnam riders, (yeah, we were all on motorbikes!) convoy, left around 10pm till 1am in the morning and roamed throughout several districts of Saigon, heavily loaded, to distribute the most welcomed donation.

Thanks to their warm contributions, we have been able to put a smile on an elderly face, fill the stomach of a smiling kid and give some warmth to a courageous mother. We plan more charity events as such in 2018 and hope that we can count on the collaborators help and 100 % voluntarism to carry our CSR values.

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