Linky Light group delights collaborators

The strength of LINKBYNET is being human, that’s why we are committed from the beginning for the empowerment of collaborators with a strong HR policy :a stimulating work environment, the development of collaborators' potential and the use of collective intelligence.

In order to meet the expectations of collaborators in a targeted way, we created the Linky Light group a year ago. This participative working group, made up of volunteers, aims to delight employees by identifying and experimenting projects that can directly affect collaborators' well-being. Several ways are put in place to collect ideas. First, the HR team can propose projects and consult the group on their center of interest, the priority and the way of doing things. And finally, the collaborators, as spokespersons, can share the subjects to be addressed. All new construction begins with a brainstorming to consider all possibilities before launching an experiment.

In this first year of realization, several projects were carried out:

The redesign of the HR Temperature:

This tool is our monthly social climate indicator, which comes in addition to the annual Happy@Work survey. Each month , it allows collaborators, to answer 6 questions summarizing their well-being: Motivation, Relationship with my manager, Workload, Stress/ pressure, relationship with other teams, Relationship with my team.

This tool has been improved to increase the participation rate which has doubled to reach 47% in 2017.

The process is as follows:

  • Collaborators fill in their HR temperature.
  • They analyze the results with their manager.
  • The HR team conducts a monthly analysis (Group and local) and identifies action plans

The average of the HR T° is 5.8 / 7 in 2017.

Temperature RH

Flight plan creation:

In order to promote the smooth integration of collaborators, a key moment in his LINKBYNET career, they have been offered a Welcome Day and a "Flight Plan".

The flight plan is organized inside 3 parts:

  • A checklist of must-haves for a quick and easy integration (e-learning, process, tools, contacts ...)
  • Definition and follow-up of the stages of taking over the job with his manager
  • Feedback from the collaborator


Training visibility :

Training is a strategic focus of LINKBYNET. Collaborators are regularly informed through:

  • a quarterly news
  • a display on each site of the trainings performed and upcoming
  • a training catalog

In 2018, training will be further reinforced with the launch of LINKBYNET University and the community of trainers.

LBN Awards creation:

In order to promote the individual and collective work of collaborators , LBN awards have been set up:

  • individual categories: LBN spirit, international, customer centric
  • collective categories: innovation, customer dedication.

All collaborators were able to nominate colleagues and teams for each category and the Linky Light Jury deliberated and nominated group and individual group awards by zone: France, Canada, Mauritius and Asia. The awards ceremony took place during LINKBYNET's annual brunch in September.

Other projects are still open, such as improving the visibility of Linkbynet's news internally via televisions, the improvement of inter-site meetings or the mail reduction project. There are many other upcoming projects within the Linky Light team, to be continued in the next episode.

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