Awareness of Linkies in Linkbynet North America

Mont Royal

In our Canadian office, Alexandre, Cindy and Gaetan, we sensitize and allow our collaborators to act at their level. We want them to be aware of their impacts, without making them feel guilty and especially allow them to act! By this way, we act to integrate the CSR touch in different social actions of our office, it's a life philosophy! Rather than act around, we act right in the middle of the action.

This year, we embarked our collaborators through several operations:

First, we organized an Easter event with the collaborator's children. It was the opportunity to meet them in another context. On this occasion, we have invited the children to plant some flowers seeds, which they have been given mission to continue grow at home. This gardening activity give them a first overview about what gardening is and who knows, someone maybe has already start a little indoor garden: basil, parsley...

We also offer the possibility to our collaborators to be more involved for the planet. So, several collaborators participated in the cleaning operation of Montréal city during the big cleaning of the Mont Royal on the 7 May 2017. On the 21st August, we were lucky to be at a great place on Earth, which able to observe the sun eclipse. We equipped ourselves with adequate glasses and together with the collaborators, we watched the eclipse. In Montreal, more than 50% of the Sun was hidden during this eclipse.

Finally, the Canadian collaborators are well invested, the reduction of the waste thanks to our mugs, reusable tableware and waste sorting, are proof of their commitment. We are excited to work with people who act on a daily basis. We pamper them and that why we offered them chair massages recently, this operation was a great success!

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