An english coach at LINKBYNET


Created in 2000, LINKBYNET has been growing steadily for more than 15 years thanks to an international presence through the opening of branches in Mauritius in 2004, Montreal in 2010 and more recently in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam in 2014. Since the opening of this last office, not-French speaking as the two other offices, the need to increase the English skills of collaborators became more necessary in order to facilitate working with teams in different countries. We have more and more English customers joining us who require a professional minimum English level for collaborators who work with them.

Linkbynet had tried in the past to improve their English by doing e-learning, phone lessons and also by trying English Fridays, a day on which everyone was supposed to speak English. These attempts were sadly unsuccessful and not sustainable: lessons with little spoken practice, no real person face to face and English Fridays where there was little motivation for French collaborators to speak in English. Hence, since 2015, LINKBYNET hired an American English Coach in charge of training and monitoring the progress of collaborators: Melody. It is thus much more natural to speak English with her than with someone who is French.

Melody is currently teaching our 5th semester of English lessons with 37 people studying and receiving 20 hours of training. If the collaborators are dedicated and motivated and they bring their best in addition to the teacher bringing the results are great! We have had a few success stories : Carl, Delphine, Arnaud, Lydie, Sofiane, François and notably Denis. When he started English in the first semester he was level A1 of the Common European Framework of Languages and in two years he has risen to B1+! The combination of motivation, personal investment and the teaching at LINKBYNET contributed to his progress. The training has real professional benefits for the trainees. They feel more comfortable when they are on the telephone with a client, leading meetings, writing proposals, negotiating or talking about sales.

English courses are not the only opportunities to practice English at Linkbynet. Melody is also there every day so it's possible to have lunch or coffee with her and just talk informally to practice conversation without a structured setting. We also have English events here : a cinema night with discussion afterwards, English Pub Quiz Nights, English Theatre evening, Melody’s art exhibition opening in the company and a yearly American Thanksgiving celebration. Lots of opportunities to practice English !

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