First honey harvesting at LBN Valley

L Bee N

L Bee N is the name that we have given to the LBN honey. Our bees have made it during one year within LBN Valley gardens. This setting is favorable for the bees because there is a lot of flowers and much less pesticides than in rural environment.

During a classic year, we will be able to perform two harvesting per year (May and July). This year, after moving our hives in April, we had the chance to harvest by end July, when we removed the super chamber. Hence the bees have made their own provision in the main body of hive for winter.


Our three beekeeper trainees got their hands dirty and did their first honey extraction this 8th September. The first step of the frame extraction is to remove the coverplate of alveoli with a knife and a harrow. The first lucky ones got to enjoy the honey as soon as it was extracted, so sweet !

Then, the frames are placed in the extractor which helps to empty the alveoli of honey thanks to the centrifugal force. Noticeably, we have collected 15 kg of honey. Considering that the life work of a bee is equal to a few teaspoons, imagine the number of bees offering it to us!

The honey collected was filtered to remove wax and be placed in a honey tank to be purified by decantation.

Filtrage miel

Visit of the apiary

After this extraction work, we dressed in beekeeper clothes and went to place the super chamber with the empty frames close to the hives. The bees savored all the leftover honey during the weekend and so cleaned the frames that we will use again next year.

Moreover, another good news, after weighing the two hives, we ensured that they have sufficient honey to be autonomous this winter.


We will place the honey into jars in few days.

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