Report at the heart of the two hives of LINKBYNET

Since two years, LINKBYNET have hosted two hives in its garden. The aim of this biodiversity approach is, firstly, to repollinate the city. We hope, of course if our bees colonies produce more than they need, harvest some honey and share it.

SAIF (Sauvegarde des Abeilles en Ile de France) association, supported by the LINKTOGETHER foundation, guide us in managing the hives daily. Beekeepers train three LINKBYNET’s collaborators to become autonomous. In this way, they have participated to the different hives follow-up activities and they apply more and more gradually as they learn.

Our trainee beekeepers have discovered nice things and have participated to the moving of the hives. Please find below the testimony of Melody :

"What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon!  Bruno and I had the opportunity to observe our beekeepers as they transferred our two bee colonies to their new hives and installed larger frames for them to store pollen, make honey and grow new baby bees. When we were finished installing the new frames (each made from two old frames put together), there was sticky honey everywhere! But the bees licked it all up after just a few days and cleaned everything for us.

It was a little scary as I didn’t really know what to expect beforehand, but I never felt any danger from the bees and if I started to get a little nervous, I just took a deep breath and sent the bees my love. It also helped that we were dressed in our protective gear!

It was fun to see a baby bee emerging from its chamber, to shake the bees down into their new homes and search for the queen in each hive. In both cases, we found her at the beginning and then lost her, but the other bees let us know she was safe and sound by sticking their bottoms up in the air and giving off pheromones to alert other bees that she needed protection! It was interesting to see their communication system.

I’m very much looking forward to the end of May when we will check on the bees progress and see if they are ready for us to add more frames so they can make some honey for us too!



Les ruches de LINKBYNET après le déménagement

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