Eco-participation : progress of actions

What is eco-participation ?

Since 2009 LINKBYNET is a partner of GoodPlanet within the eco-participation project and contributes, together with its clients, to fighting climate change. Thus, LINKBYNET proposes to its clients to give every month a financial contribution depending on the outsourced equipment and services delivered.

LINKBYNET incurs 100% of our clients’ contribution and we also apply this contribution to our own equipment.

Today, nearly 60% of our clients contribute to the eco-participation program.

Eco-participation in 2014

In 2014, our Canadian site has also decided to launch the eco-participation and to propose it to its clients.

The total contribution of eco-participants in 2014 amounts to more than 40 000€ that have been given to charities who implement reduction of green gas projects across the world!

Here are the projects that LINKBYNET supports thanks to eco-participation.


Planetair Project - Canada

The funds raised for the Canadian eco-participation since the end of 2014 are donated to Planetair project of efficient furnaces and drinking water filtration in Kenya. In fact, in rural areas of Kenya, more than 65% of the population does not have access to drinking water.

The objective of the project is:

  • To help Kenyan families and low-income companies who are unable to afford efficient water treatment and efficient furnaces.
  • Provide clean air and drinking water to more than 300 000 Kenyan families.


Efficient furnaces are distributed at reduced cost, allowing needy families to reduce their fuelwood consumption by about 50%. This reduces the fuelwood harvesting burden traditionally placed on women and children, reducing deforestation and improving indoor air quality.

Water treatment:


To increase the water treatment capacity and improve the local health, the chlorine distributors are installed at collective water sources and wells. A local volunteer continuously sensitizes the community on the advantages of water distribution, encourages their use and maintain chlorine provision. In addition to health benefits, thus reduces the fuelwood demand which is also used to disinfect water by boiling.

Reducing deforestation will reduce the impact on the climate by avoiding 20 000 CO₂e per year.


As at today, the project helped:

  • Families to save $23 million coming from fuel consumption.
  • Women to save 12 million hours otherwise used for wood collection.
  • Municipalities to prevent the deforestation of about 1,4 million trees.
  • To compensate more than 400 000 tons of CO2 and to invest more than $7 million in developing countries.
Fondation GoodPlanet

GoodPlanet Foundation – France

The eco-participation funds raised in France since 2012 are entirely donated to the GoodPlanet foundation project of community reforestation in Ecuador.

The project was launched due to the constant progress of deforestation in Ecuadorian Amazon having one of the highest rate in South America: 184000ha/yr.

The objective of the project was to implement an agroforestry model to restore affected areas and improve the quality of life of indegenous populations. Please find below the steps of the overall :

RSE - Amazonie

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